Steel Pilings

The Repair Process for Double-Wall Steel Pilings

At each piling location we will hand dig a hole that is approximately two feet square. Any plants, which may be in the way, are relocated.

After plants are relocated and hand dug holes are completed, we will begin to install the pilings. Each steel pile section is hydraulically driven beneath the foundation using the weight of the home. The first piece is a friction reducer, wider than the pipe, inserted into the 2 7/8ä pipe section. The friction reducer provides maximum depth by temporarily reducing the amount friction on the cylinder walls.

A 2 3/8" pipe section, slightly smaller in diameter than the 2 7/8" pipe section, is staggered inside and between the outer sections to form the double-wall. When constructed in this manner, proper alignment is almost assured. Additional sections are added until bedrock is reached or until refusal.

After all pilings are installed, the leveling process begins. Excess and/or added mortar and caulking will be removed in order to allow the brick to return to their original positions. Elevations will be taken before, during, and after the leveling process.

When all leveling is completed, the holes are then backfilled, mortar joints repaired, the windows and doors caulked, concrete replaced, and plants are replanted. All areas are then washed or swept.

Unless interior pilings are installed, we will only need access inside your home during the leveling process. We will need access to your water, electricity, and breaker box at all times during the repair process.